Architectural Policies Conferences & EFAP General Assembly - The New In The Old - Contemporary Architecture in a Historic Context


Organised by the Works and Infrastructure Department within the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure with the support of the European Forum for Architectural Policies (EFAP), Planning Authority, Univeristy of Malta, Kamra tal-Periti and Malta Tourism Authority, this event will bring together European Architects from the three pillars of Government, Professional Bodies and Cultural Institutions who have an interest in the drafting and implementation of Architectural Policies in the various European states. The event will have two distinct functions. The first two days will be dedicated to the Architectural Policies Conference that will specifically deal with the interaction of Contemporary Architecture within Historic Contexts. A number of well known European Architects have been invited to make presentations related to the conference theme . A number of speakers will talk about their own personal experiences whereas others will present case studies of good practices as related to the conference theme from their respective countries. The final day of the event will be dedicated to the EFAP General Assembly where plans for the Association’s programme of activities for the next two years will be discussed and agreed upon.