Helsinki Impact Conference 2019


Helsinki Impact Conference calls together European leaders, experts and academia on cohesive urban policy and urban planning, to share insights on how cities act as global change-makers. Conference takes place at Helsinki Musiikkitalo, Music Centre on 9–10 October 2019. The Helsinki Impact Conference is organised by the City of Helsinki as part of the City’s official programme to celebrate Finland’s EU presidency and the city-driven future of the European community. The conference is co-hosted with Eurocities, Metrex, Urban Academy and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. Cities are the glue that holds the European community together. Globally and locally meaningful solutions to rapid growth, immigration, growing segregation and climate change are created within our cities. In order to reach the goals set by UN Sustainable Development Guidelines and the EU Urban Agenda we need a shared long-term vision combined with actions that can be implemented already today. The Helsinki Impact Conference gives an extensive insight into the state of European cities as a network of urban change-makers and calls for cities to take leadership in creating a cohesive future for urban Europe and aims to bridge the gap between urban policy and practical urban planning.