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A Culture Strategy for Scotland - Draft foc consultation



Building our Legacy: Statement on Scotland’s Architecture Policy



The aim of this policy is to promote the value and benefits of good architecture, encourage debate in the role of architecture in national and local life and further an understanding of the products and processes of building design.

A Policy on Architecture for Scotland- Progress Report 2005



A central aim of the policy on architecture is to encourage a greater public interest in the built environment and to raise awareness of its importance in the cultural life of Scotland. One of the key objectives of the policy on architecture was to ensure that the planning and building standards systems and their associated processes both promote and facilitate high quality in development.

A Policy on Architecture for Scotland



This document sets out the principles that underpin the Executive’s commitment to the promotion of good architecture and good building design and the actions we intend to take to encourage improvements in the quality of our buildings. The framework document established the context for policy development and set out why the executive has an interest in the quality of buildings and the built environment and the importance of building to its social, cultural, environmental and economic objectives. The document also set out the issues policy might address and the range of objectives and actions policy might embrace. What was set out in the framework document was strongly endorsed in the public consultation and there was broad support for the sentiments expressed.