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Policy for Designed Living Environment

Politik för utformad livsmiljö



The Government Bill “Policy for Designed Living Environment” takes an integrated approach to the work on the designed living environment while also providing a comprehensive national architecture policy. The aim is to make the very most of what architecture and design can bring to the development of society, for the benefit and enjoyment of all. This is important for social progress and requires increased awareness and clear ambition on the part of all decision-makers.

Architecture and Politics An architectural policy for Sweden

Arkitektur och politik En arkitektonisk politik för Sverige

2010 - 2015


Through its publication Architecture and Politics, the Swedish Association of Architects plots the bearings for such a policy. An architectural policy starts with a vision but is to no less a degree a tool for continous development. With this publication we seek to open a dialogue on how we in Sweden can develop the vision of a sustainable society with high quality of life. We hope too thatthis publication will help to define the steps along the way.