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Polish Architecture Policy

Polska Polityka Architektoniczna



The Document sets out the debate on the state and valorisation forms of aestheticisation of public space and on the challenges facing politics architecture in Poland. We have the opportunity recommending enabling solutions for the implementation of effective and at the same time socially necessary institutional interventions and civic. In the texts that make up this publication we will find multidimensional, both in a professional perspective - proxemic - social perspective, as well as the praxeological perspective, an outline actions to be taken for inclusion residents and users of space into real participation and image change district, city and country, i.e. in development territorial communities. The authors of the texts there are outstanding architects involved for years in actions to improve the quality of space public and constitution in Polish the reality of the idea of its aestheticization.

Polish Architectural Policy

Polska Polityka Architektoniczna - Polityka jakości krajobrazu, przestrzeni publicznej, architektury



The publication contains a project of Polish architectural policy (PPA) which the team of authors completed on April 14, 2009. The policy requires recognition of spatial order as a public good and a prerequisite for sustainable development entered into the Polish Constitution; improving legislative tools - making changes and additions to legal acts concerning space management, guaranteeing the formation and preservation of high-quality landscape, public space and architecture in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, balance of cultural, economic, environmental and social criteria; daily practice of achieving the objectives of this document through coordinated activities state and local government administration, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, educational institutions and society.