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Cultural Policy Guidelines 2014-2020 Creative Latvia
Architecture Industry Strategy

Kultūrpolitikas Pamatnostādnes 2014 - 2020 Gadam Radošā Latvija
Architektūras Nozares Stratēģija

2015 - 2020


The purpose of this policy is to create the necessary conditions for the creation and sustainability of a quality living space based on high quality architecture, to strengthen the national identity of a country through the use of architectural values, resources and competences, to engage and educate public, as well as representation of the interests of all groups, to promote of the competitiveness of the architectural industry, improvement of its legal framework, creation of favorable conditions for creative business and export of architectural services.

Guidelines for Urban Restoration

Stratēģijas un Politikas Pamatnostādnes Pilsētvides Atveseļošanai



Architecture Policy Guidelines 2009 - 2015

Arhitektūras politikas pamatnostādnes 2009. – 2015

2009 - 2015


The Architecture Policy Guidelines are a medium-term planning document, which determines the State architecture policy for the subsequent seven years, comprising the time period from 2009-2015. The Guidelines comprise the main principles, objectives, the results of the policy to be achieved and the preferable action directions for the achievement thereof. The purpose of this document is to specify more precisely the role and significance of architecture in sustainable development of the State.