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Provisions Relating to the Freedom of Creation and Artistic Creation

Dispositions Relatives à la Liberté de Création et à la Création Artistique



Law n ° 2016-925 of July 7th, 2016 relative to the freedom of the creation, the architecture and the inheritance.

National Architecture Strategy

Stratégie Nationale pour l'Architecture



The National Strategy is based on three pillars: identifying diagnostic elements relevant, comprehensive and shared; sharing with relevant stakeholders; setting up a organization of elaboration and follow-up. In connection with the proposals of Patrick Bloche's report on "architectural creation" July 2014 and the report of Vincent Feltesse and Jean-Pierre Duport following the "Consultation on Higher Education and Research in Architecture" of April 2013, this Strategy aims to establish with the partners the main principles of a policy in favor of of architecture, to make visible and structured the many existing actions, to identify the levers and future commitments of public and private actors and to promote initiatives and appropriate experiments. This whole approach meets the ambition to promote a discipline and a practice fundamental to the comfort and quality of life of all. The challenge is to create the conditions for architecture to develop ingenious responses to the questions of the future posed by contemporary society. The National Strategy for Architecture, on the one hand, is based on principles, on the other hand objectives and commitments, and will include an action plan with a monitoring mechanism and evaluation, which can be supplemented by partnership agreements and calls for initiatives. To prepare the National Strategy, three working groups (see appendix) were formed around three objectives - to raise awareness, innovate, develop. Driven by professionals, Grands Prix Architectural and Urban Designers and Young Architects and Landscape Architects (AJAP), the groups were each made up of about ten people, representative partners of the economic, cultural and professional actors of architecture and living environment, as well as civil society, elected representatives of local authorities, parliamentarians, experts in architecture, practitioners and scientists.

French MPO Act

Loi française MPO



Law n ° 85-704 of July 12th, 1985 relative to the public control of work and its relations with the private project management.

French Law on Architecture

Loi française sur l'architecture



Law No. 77-2 of 3 January 1977 on Architecture.