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Report of the Expert Group on Spatial Creation

Ruumilise loomise eksperdirühma aruanne

2017 - 2018


The Spatial Creation Expert Group worked at the State Chancellery from July 2017 to September 2018. The task of the expert group was to investigate the state of spatial creation in the country's public sector and to make proposals for improvement. The aim of the expert group was to identify the decision-making processes that influence the shaping and direction of the country's spatial development and living environment and to develop the necessary policy proposals for the development of the sector.

State Architect




The purpose of this analysis is to present a concept for deciding on the establishment of an “architect of architecture” (“state architect”). The "Commissioner for Architecture" is a neutral and conditional title for an institution that should deal with architecture and spatial planning issues at national level. The concept first addresses the general starting points that necessitate the need for a separate institution for planning and architecture. Further consideration is given to the possible institutional status of the Commissioner for Architecture. One of the objectives of the Government Action Program for 2007-2011 is to codify construction and planning law.

Architecture Action Plan 2004 - 2008

Arhitektuurivaldkonna Tegevuskava 2004 - 2008

2004 - 2008


This Architectural Policy Action Plan is the first comprehensive approach to the activities that are necessary to create and maintain a high quality built environment in Estonia. Therefore it is the plan of action is inevitably topical in nature and is due in due course for review. At the same time, the Action Plan contains important principles and guidelines for longer period. Estonian Architectural Policy Program and the specific action plan for 2004-2008 will provide a meaningful basis for infrastructure development and impact on urban environmenr covering and affecting the whole Estonian physical environment, continued growth in the environment and ensure public involvement in the development of architectue.

Architecture and Quality of life 2004

Arhitektuur ja elukvaliteet



The principal objective of this Policy, entitled “Architecture and Quality of Life”, is to make politicians, decision-makers and the professionals themselves aware of the pressing need to bring together major political goals that encompass economic progress and competitivity on the one hand and sustainability on the other, all relating to the quality of life.

The Architectural Policy of Estonia

Eesti arhitektuuripoliitika



Estonian architectural policy is based on the document of that very name – “Estonian Architectural Policy” – which was approved by the Government of the Republic on 22 October 2002. The goal of architectural policy is to treat the built environment as a component of our national heritage, and to preserve and increase its value.