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GWMSTR Creating space for people and nature

RWMSTR Ruimte maken voor mens en natuur

2017 - 2020


The aim of the post of Vlaams Bouwmeester is to promote the architectural quality of the built environment, understood as a synthesis of qualities in terms of urban environment, use and perception, image quality, building technology, energy, cost management and so on. This commitment is demonstrated in the support of principals in public and semi-public projects for the design and construction of buildings, public space, landscape and infrastructure, and always related to the changing social challenges and from a cross-sectional perspective of collaboration with players and sectors involved.

Architecture Guide

Guide de l'Architecte



Guide, tool, checklist, reminder, accurate, repository, etc. All these terms may qualify this book published for the third time by the French-speaking and German-speaking Council of the Order of Architects, a book intended for all those who want to practice the profession of architect. It is also aimed at all active architects who will certainly find the necessary information to help them in all circumstances and throughout the various stages of their careers. We invite you to discover it on paper or online at This guide is one of the witnesses of the new and dynamic wind which blows on the Order of Architects. Many were involved in the writing of this book: mandataries of the Order, staff members of the Order or external consultants. We would like to thank them all very sincerely and warmly for their precious and enthusiastic collaboration. As the architectural profession is constantly evolving, it goes without saying that this guide will require regular updates which will be incorporated without delay into its electronic version (available on the Ordre's website). After thanking those who made this book possible, we would like to acknowledge the work that will be done to ensure that this guide is "sustainable".

Architecture Notes