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Austrian Federal Guidelines for Building Culture

Dritter Baukulturreport



The Third Austrian Building Culture Report builds upon the foundations of the first and second reports, but the perspective of the study has changed. Rather than recommending steps leading from an observation of the current situation to a better future, it challenges readers to envision the current situation from the perspective of critical future scenarios. The narrative content sketched here was derived methodologically from a broad-based review of expert opinions on political, social, cultural, and economic trends. To create manageable scenarios, the authors first identified and delimited content that is especially important for building culture in Austria. To this end, policy areas characterized by an intense utilization of resources were defined, an aspect that also makes them important to the overall development of Austria.

Austrian Baukultur Report 2011

Österreichischer Baukultur Report 2011



The purpose of building is the creation of living space and development opportunity for the people, it must ultimately measure all building. This claim often threatens to sink in the wealth of legal, technical, economic and cultural arguments. A culture of building involves all the people involved in this process: from the idea to the Planning and construction up to the use. Only if building culture as social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions for a liveable environment can be ensured. Baukultur is not a question of money, but a question of quality claim; So not an absolute more, but a conscious better. By resolution of the Austrian National Council, the Federal Government was requested to commission an Austrian Baukultur Report in a five-year cycle. After the first building culture report of 2006, which comprehensively portrayed the Baukultur situation, the second building culture report focuses on three - currently particularly relevant - main topics: "Sustainable", "Close to the citizen" and "Competent".

Report on Building Culture

Österreichischer Baukulturreport 2006



Baukultur creates and ensures quality of life. It therefore affects all people, because they are influenced, shaped and changed by the built or designed environment. Also in economic terms are by far the largest cost of living or Investments in life of the Austrians these in the term &quot;Baukultur&quot;. Above all, the residential and operating costs, but also the creation of built property or private garden. Around 70% of the total Austrian Fixed assets are spent on buildings or real estate, spending about 90% of our time in buildings. Currently Baukultur is not perceived as a cross-sectional matter. F</span>or the political eecision-making processes would therefore be much more aware of building culture than to recognize and coordinate intersectoral social concerns. Baukultur concerns everyone!</p>